Photo Credit: findremotecodes

As any like-minded individual, I take pleasure in screwing things up, but I take greater pleasure in replicating the process that led to my breaking things in the first place. Specially if the outcome is favorable, as is in this particular instance.

While I remain uncertain as to whether this hack has been shared anywhere on the web, lack of search results point to no. Nonetheless, this is more of an exploit as opposed to a hack, if these terms truly are distinguishable. This applies to Comcast Xfinity Cable TV subscribers with access to On Demand services.

I am familiar with the programming of the Xfinity remote control's chapter skip feature to skip ahead of a DVR/On Demand movie or TV show by significantly less time than the factory setting allows, but this is strictly for On Demand selections that have the fast forward feature disabled. Here are the steps to unlock fast forward:

  1. When your selection begins playing, spam the Page Down button a minimum of 3 times.
  2. While the Chapter Skip operation is being performed, rapidly spam the Fast Forward button until you are able to fast forward.


The exact number of presses for the fast forward button are not for certain, but they are a high count. Feel free to trial and error this to reach an approximation. You shant require more than 4 presses of the Page Down button.

I see this as a less tedious and quicker way to fast forward On Demand TV shows and not have to worry about re-programming the chapter skip on your remote. All you need are fast fingers.